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Did you know that over one million of Australians use solar energy? Did you also know that you can save over 80% energy by use of solar hot water systems? Well, now you know. At Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros, we are aware that solar hot water produces inexhaustible and clean energy supply; hence we never hesitate to recommend it for your ultra-modern residential or business premises. To ensure that you choose the right solar hot water system that will suit your needs and preferences, we have invested in high-end products that will not only offer reliability and maximum durability but will also ensure you get the best out of your hard-earned investment. Call us today on (02) 8310 4463.
Solar hot water systems offer a broad range of benefits including; 

  • They have little risk of malfunctioning; hence they are easy to maintain
  • They are eco-friendly
  • They increase resale value of your property
  • It is expensive to install, but it will save you money in the long run (you will cease to pay huge electricity bills)
  • When you call us for a supply and installation of this system, our team of qualified technicians will give you the best advice on which product to use based on the following factors:
  • The number of people living in your premises
  • The time of the day hot water is needed the most in your premises; is it day or night?
  • The size of your premises

At Hill Emergency Plumbing Pros, we know that transitioning from the standard electric, or gas hot water systems is a vicious cycle for you, and this is the reason why we have invested in training all our technician’s effective interpersonal skills for them to help you in this process effectively. They are armed with broad knowledge, and they will assist you in understanding the need to change your system and make use of what Mother Nature has freely given us; Solar energy.

We believe in the power of a brand. We understand that reliability, quality, and durability are encompassed in a name; hence, we only deal with the best. The following are our most trusted brands.

Thermann Solar Hot Water System

Thermann solar water heater systems are our favourite because their touch of astounding quality gives our clients maximum satisfaction which is in line with our goals, objectives, mission, and vision. Their systems are crafted with the best materials to ensure efficient functionality, reliability, and above all, help them survive for long in the unforgiving Australian weather.

We trust Thermann for solar hot water systems because just like us, they are client-oriented, and they are committed to providing the best for your premises. Allow us to install these amazing systems; you will always have yourself to thank.

Rinnai Solar Hot Water Systems

The products from this established market leader are not only innovative, but they are also long-lasting. By allowing us to install Rinnai’s solar hot water system in your premises, you will highly reduce your carbon footprint and save more bucks on your monthly electricity bills.

Bosch Solar Hot Water Systems

This brand provides a broad range of solar hot water systems to choose from. If you all you want is reliability, innovation, and maximum performance, all you need to do is to allow us supply and install one of these affordable systems from Bosch in your home.

Rheem Solar Hot Water Systems

If you need a system that is affordable and easy to install, we recommend one from Rheem. With it, we will help you live an environmentally friendly lifestyle and cut by over 80% the cost of energy in your Castle Hill home.

Solar Hot Water Installation Services

We are an industry specialist, hence installing solar water heaters for us is a walk in the park. We will neatly mount the solar panel on your roof, connect it to the water pipes, and efficiently install the storage cylinder. Experience the benefits of hot water in your home at low costs by giving us a call today. We will not just supply; we will install it! Call us today on (02) 8310 4463 and find out how solar hot water can help you lower your power costs and help save the planet!